Missoula Federal Building - Historical Renovation, Breakroom Remodel & Fire Sprinkler Retrofit

ACM Contracting has performed multiple projects at the Missoula Federal Building for the General Services Administration. As a historic downtown Missoula building these projects were planned and completed with an emphasis on meeting the standards set forth in the National Historic Preservation Act by maintaining the historical look and feel of the building.

Several projects stand out as examples of the work that ACM Contracting has performed in this building. The Post Office Door restoration project required us to replace the main entry doors with exact replicas of the historical oak doors. The second project was the building wide retrofit and installation of a fire sprinkler system and energy efficient lighting upgrade to bring the historical building to modern fire standards and energy consumption guidelines. The fire sprinkler project was accomplished while maintaining the historical integrity of the building and is being used by the GSA as an example project for future fire system upgrades in historical buildings. Other projects include several space alterations for multiple tenants of the Missoula Federal Building and US Postal Service.