Billings Area Indian Health Services - Wolf Point Asbestos, Lead, & Demolition

Abatement Contractors of Montana performed the removal and disposal of asbestos containing material and lead-based painted components from Building 00001 located in Wolf Point, MT. The building was a two-story wood frame, consisting of 2,397 square feet, sitting on a concrete foundation with a finished basement.

After the removal of all identified environmental hazards ACM used a heavy duty excavator to demolish and remove the building and its foundation. In addition, the concrete driveway and all trees and shrubs were removed. Upon completion of all removal, the excavated site was backfilled and compacted to the specification. All asbestos containing materials were abated and properly disposed of. All work was done in accordance with the State of Montana Department of Environmental Quality and the OSHA Asbestos Standards and Regulations. Asbestos containing wastes were disposed of in accordance with DOT and the State of Montana DEQ at a State permitted Class II landfill.