Rubber Baffles Replacement in Firing Range at Portal LPOE, North Dakota

The purpose of this project was to remove and replace the existing damaged gun range baffles and wood framework with new baffles and wood framework. The work involved component removal of lead-contaminated materials, which was performed by competent persons trained, knowledgeable and qualified in lead-removal techniques, in lead-safe work practices and in handling and disposal of lead-contaminated materials. All lead-contaminated materials were double bagged, containerized, transported and properly disposed of at an appropriate offsite facility.

The scope of work included:

1. Removing all materials, including baffles, door guards and wood framework;
2. Disassembling baffles in manor where no further damage was done;
3. Replacing shredded wood framework;
4. Cleaning and salvaging all metal materials for use in reinstalling baffles;
5. Replacing bottom row of ballistic rubber panels for each baffle;
6. Uninstalling and reinstalling ballistic door guard and
7. Uninstalling and reinstalling ballistic ceiling baffles.